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The Meals
To see
Our passions
Camping car

You can stay at "La Ferme de la Maugerie", you will not be bored there !!

                                                                            To See and To Do

Chambord !

2 km from la Magerie the  parc of Chambord castle
  The castel is about 6 km from la Maugerie in the middle of a green setting
You can stay a whole day in Chambord :
  • recommended conducted visit
  • the parc with a car of the office of the forest
  • animals in the observatories
  • equestrian show
  • the channel ( canal)
  • boats, bikes,walks
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chambord Page 5
Prestige of Chambord
chambord chateaupiece chambord page5
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Cheverny !
from 25 km from "la Maugerie", the Cheverny castle :
  • a lots of furnitures
  • dogs for hunting 
  • exposition of  "Tintin et Milou" from Hergé
This castle is private and  the marquess of "Vibraye" and his family are living in this castle

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The other castles ! the most known :
Chateau de Blois, Chenonceau, Valencay,Amboise

but there is small castle and you must go to see them !
Villesavin, Beauregard, Troussay, Monpoupon,Talcy,Meung sur Loire, la Ferté St Aubin.....

The " clos lucé" , Léonard de Vinci house etc....

jaune page 3
villesavin page 5
Blois page 5BloisValencay Page 5

the Nature
Loire River  and
the "Sologne"

  •  Loire river
  • ponds
  • the forest
  • the heather
  • mushrooms
  • animals..

in brief, lots of super walks

we can lend you cards (maps)
framboise page 3
Loire River , deers of Chambord
cerf page 5loire à vélo
Loire  page5etang page 5

Loire river,    ponds,  forest

Champignon page 5foret Page 5


  • Beauval Zoo in st Aignan
new : the Pandas !

  • museum of the magic in Blois
  • museum of cars "Matra" in Romorantin
  • lNatural swimming pool in Mont près Chambord
Beauval page 5
tigre page 5
Beauval and his white tigers
matra page 5blois page 5
la Magie

you can play :
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • canoé, sail
  • Footing and walk of the departure of "la Maugerie"
  • Bikes

golf page 5
Nautical base of Suèvre
plan d'eau suevre

  • wine cellars
  •  champignonières : mushrooms visits
  • ......
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vin page 5

Port :
SARL           La Ferme de la Maugerie

Mr et mme Lange Gérard   8 route de la Maugerie   41 220 THOURY

Tel : 02 54 87 05 07