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Lots of our passions are western : Country line dance, western riding ..but in 2011 we have returned to our first activity : to flight !

Line Dance

Frédérique dance country line dance since  5 years with   Lisa our daughter

It's very cool !
  • Atmosphere,
  • sport,
  • concentration,
  • meetings,
  • balls and
  • festivals

Each music have a spcific choregraphy !

If you practice,
do not hesitate to indicate it to us !

a country aperitf is very nice
ambiance country
in a ball
logo country page 7

country decor page 7

Work of the leather

Frédérique began this activity alone but in France it's not very easy there is not a lot of people with this passions.

We needsomes tools and for that, she must order in USA. She learn with internet .

For the moment it's the beginning,  it's a very precise work. You must work hard few years to have very nice results

Alban the youngest son, began too.
It's a winter activity ....

tomette page 3first , we trace the drawing
cuir 3 page 7
we strike the leather with differents tools

sdb tomette page 3after we draw the motif with a specific kniffe : Sniffel kniffe
cuir 4 page 7
a draw with flower art

To flight with an

We were private pilote for private plane. We stopped this activity because with 3 children it's not very easy ...!!!.

Gérard begann his autogire school in 2011 in autumn. It's a kind of helicopter ultra light !

Now we bought our "white bird" and you can flight with Gérard . Chambord castle is very nice
ULM Vol au dessus des chateaux
Gérard  in our "AUTOGIRE" !

NEW !!

We wan propose a flight with the autogire above Chambord !

Port :


La Ferme de la Maugerie
Mr et Mme Lange Gérard   
8 route de la Maugerie   41 220 THOURY

Tel : 02 54 87 05 07